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Introducing Tess

Tess is a Bed Bug Detecting K9. Identifying live bed bug infestations is all she does, and she does it well.

Our K-9 Handlers are California Branch 2 Licensed Field Representatives.

For your convenience, we work weekends too.

Tess the bed bug dog

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Why Bed Bug Dogs? Our dogs are trained to alert to the odor of live bed bugs and their eggs. This is the only odor that they will alert on. An odor inspection is a more accurate and cost effective way to determine whether a property is clear or infested.


Bed bug infestation is not just confined to mattresses, box springs, bed frames and night stands. Bed bugs like to live within 5 to 8 feet of their human host meal. In many cases this means they can easily live under carpet tacking or in walls.


To visually inspect a room, and 100% verify that all presence of live bed bugs are gone, a human must take up any carpeting and look under the wooden carpet tacking strip along the perimeter of the walls (A favorite hiding place for bed bugs). Also, a visual inspection of the walls requires that the walls be cut open (suspect areas include electrical outlets). The amount of time that a visual inspection requires, plus the amount of time and money needed to put the room back together again, is prohibitive.


Using Bed Bug Dogs before treatment will indicate where the bed bugs are. Using Bed Bug Dogs after treatment will determine whether the bed bugs and their eggs are all dead. Bed Bug Dogs will bring peace of mind to any victim of these modern day infestations. This is the only cost effective way to do the job.


Bed Bud Detection is our only business. Confidential Inspections Services will give you the assurance you need that your property is bed bug free. Or, if you are in need of extermination services, we will revisit your property after the exterminators have completed their work to make sure that no trace of live bed bugs remain. We are discrete, professional, and dedicated to your peace of mind.



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